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Double Bill Success!


Mother and daughter Vivien and Sophie Halas in the foyer of the Barn Theatre after the showing on November 17th of the short film Zest For Life prior to our scheduled film, the stop-motion animation My Life As A Courgette.

Vivien and Sophie introduced this short film featuring the work of the Lewes-based community interest company, Zest, which supports people with autism and learning difficulties and offers training to build life skills, enable greater independence and gain employment. Sophie appears in the film as part of the Zest team now working on a successful car valeting project and commented that prior to her involvement in the project she had been a ‘very quiet person who did not speak much’ but that the team-work had helped her to engage much more with other people.

The film was very warmly received at the cinema and worked well with My Life As A Courgette, particularly when SCC Programme Manager David Campbell mentioned to the audience that Vivien is the custodian of the Halas Batchelor Collection. This is the archive of what was for over 50 years, the largest and most influential animation studio in Western Europe; Vivien is also the co-author of Halas & Batchelor, an animated history (2006).

Another successful evening at The Barn Theatre, where we were proud to collaborate with a great community group.


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