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The New Kitchen At The Barn Theatre


Eagle-eyed Disneyphiles (or Dodie Smith fans) may have thought that the new name of the kitchen – Nanny Cook’s – was based on the cosy character of that name in 101 Dalmations. Not so, it transpires; and a blessing perhaps for all local puppy-owners – since any supplementing of black, pepper-flavoured ice cream to the current stock would mean you-know-who was on the warpath!

In fact, it’s the moniker coined by her grandchildren for The Barn Refreshments Manager, Marilyn Nolan B.E.M, baker extraordinaire and committed charity supporter and fundraiser.

From an annual profit of £441 in the year before Marilyn became manager, kitchen profits have escalated to last year’s figure of approaching £4,500. In addition to this, imaginative expansion of theatre activities and the contribution of Seaford Community Cinema have ensured that footfall at the theatre is now up to 6000 per annum. It’s beginning to look as though The Barn Theatre is turning into Seaford’s place-to-be!


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