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Partnership with the Rotary Club of Seaford


Two of Seaford’s voluntary organisations have come together to reach elder members of the community so they can enjoy an afternoon at the movies.

When Seaford Cinema was set up, being part of and for the community was a core aim of the organisation. A significant proportion of the local demographic is made up of people over 65 with many living in sheltered accommodation and care homes. In order to make sure they get the opportunity to get out to the cinema, at least two matinees are shown each season.

Sophie McCallum, Press & Publicity Officer said: “We wanted to provide a service to this section of the community so they were able to enjoy having a local cinema just like everyone else.

“We thought about how best to reach this audience and as the Rotary Club of Seaford works within the care home community this seemed like the ideal partnership.

The last matinee attended by a group of 30 through the scheme was ‘What we did on our holiday’ starring Billy Connolly and David Tennant. It proved a huge success with members of the audience commenting on how wonderful it was to have a laugh.

Steven Willox:  Chairman Rotary Club of Seaford Community Services Committee said: “We purchase a number of tickets for every matinee and distribute free to the older members of the community.  We also arrange transport if needed. This means people who might not otherwise benefit from having a local cinema are able to participate and get together socially as well as enjoying the films.”

The next matinee is on Saturday 7 November with a screening of ‘Dark Horse’, the tale of a thoroughbred owned by a syndicate of working people and winner of the Welsh Grand National.

For more information and interviews contact Sophie McCallum, Press &Publicity Officer
email: sophmc74@hotmail.com, mobile: 07444 549859


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