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Pretty in Pink ooh ooh ooh


As black and bubble gum pink as a Liquorice Allsort was the colour palette in the foyer for our recent showing at the cinema of the 40th Anniversary Ultra-HD edition of Grease, made in 1978. The enduring appeal of the biggest movie musical of the 20th century proved itself all over again as a crowd gathered before the film only to fall back in astonishment as the vestiges of Storm Bronagh delivered two very special blow-ins: none other than Frenchy and Danny themselves, the Beauty School drop-out and the leader of the T-Birds!

(What, no Sandy? That’ll set the rumour mill going. Probably off cheerleading somewhere.)  Great to see them but it turned out that putting the pedal to the metal in Greased Lightning had given them a fit of the munchies. First priority then was to track down two double Polar Burgers wit’ everything. Alas, we could only come up with a bag of greaser British chips! They seemed to go down well enough, though:

A couple more T-birds showed up, including Sonny and Kenickie in their leathers:

And, Oh my stars, did The Pink Ladies turn out, too, along with, er, another Frenchy:

One audience member looked puzzled on entry until it dawned on her that she’d got the wrong night for King Lear with Sir Ian McKellen but she stayed on anyway and got well stuck into the mood of the moment. That’s the ticket! Meanwhile up on stage in the auditorium, Seaford’s much-loved Pop Ups were giving it their all, warming up the audience’s throats for the singalong to come:

With the lyrics up on screen, everyone plunged straight into the Grease spirit, sang and clapped throughout the film – some already knew the words off by heart – and it turns out that a bottle of Sneaky Pete Gin was being passed up and down Row G. Goodness. Standards are falling at Rydell High! Fortunately, there was no sign of Miss Lynch and her sidekick Blanche.

At the end, the audience streamed out with big smiles on their faces and gave the film a resounding vote of ‘excellent.’ One lady said, ‘You can keep your multiplex screens, popcorn and comfy seats. This is real community cinema!’ Ah, isn’t that nice?

Just one thing. After a quick wave goodbye, Frenchy and Danny seemed to just suddenly disappear, zooming off fast into the inky night. Someone said Sandy was coming. But I don’t know how true that was.


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