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Scalarama Interview with our Film Manager


Scalarama (1-30 September) is a celebration of cinema, for everyone, by everyone, everywhere, taking place every September.

Imagine a month of cinema – 30 days in which cinemas across the world join together to celebrate watching films together – where cities, towns and villages are transformed with cinemas popping up in unexpected places – and where classic, rare or locally made films get an annual showing. This is Scalarama!

Since 2011, every September, cinemas, film clubs and film festivals plus various organisations and individuals who have a passion for movies, have united to celebrate and encourage watching films together. This annual celebration, started in the UK, sees September transform into a month of amazing films, screened in various locations and by all different types of people – from established picture palaces to newbies, completely new to screening films.

Seaford Community Cinema are proud to be a part of Scalarama, and below you can hear an interview that was done as part of 2017’s Scalarama, with our Film Manager – David Campbell. David talks about the workings of Seaford Community Cinema, including how the films are chosen.

Make sure you don’t miss the Scalarama events next year!


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