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SCC at Motorfest!


On a Sunshiny June Sunday, the community cinema foot soldiers were on the hoof again, taking up a pitch at Martello Fields for Seaford’s Motorfest event. Nicely placed next to the very popular beer tent, we were on site to promote Seaford Community Cinema’s upcoming first Film Festival, devoted to Women & Film in this centenary year of women gaining the vote. First on the scene to put up the table and erect the banner were Andrea (Press & Publicity) and David (Film Manager). Fortunately for us – and a rare phenomenon in the ‘windy city’, even in summer – only light breezes were forecast for the day ahead. Impressively, Andrea is sporting the Suffragette colours:

And here’s Adele (Technical Manager) grabbing the chance for a quick breakfast before melting into the crowd with her leaflets.  Her nosh of choice is none other than a tasty lemon and sugar crêpe from Guillaume’s crêperie:

More food stalls were opening up around us including the Salty SeaHorse offering its signature grilled haloumi fries, Indian Street Food with its delicious pakoras on display…

Not forgetting, of course, jambalya, crawfish pie and filet gumbo from the fantastic Creole and Cajun Stall.

Before long, the stars of the show that everyone was waiting to see, the vintage Motorfest roadsters started streaming in, including this ancient four-eyed lovely, a sleek Pontiac, gleaming in the sun, and a dear little Austin A30


Community Outreach (Hilary) dropped by to check out how the ticket-selling was going:


And oops, here’s the boss, Paula. Better mind our p’s and q’s. 

David took the main stage mic in the break between Seaford’s Vagabond Blues band and The Corrupted to remind the crowd of our festival and where they could buy tickets on site. Looking pretty cool there, don’t you think? Glastonbury, next…

And finally, casting a beady eye on the proceedings and doubtless thinking what fools we mortals be, a large, very wise-looking owl, just one of the fascinating Owls Out and About collection exhibiting at the show. This is a group of private owners who buy and hand rear owls from 3 weeks of age that have been captive-bred by specialist breeders, taking them to public events to raise awareness and collect money for good causes. Did you know that owls only fly when hunting for food? Otherwise they’re quite happy just to perch and watch the world go by:

A wonderful event on a warm sunny day! Let’s hope the weather holds for our own Community Cinema Film Festival over the three days of next weekend June 29th-July 1st which will culminate in an outdoor screening at Florence House of Thelma and Louise. Full details on the website  and at the Tourist Information Centre, Church Street, Seaford. Extras on Facebook and Twitter.


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