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Seaford’s Community Bench – The Shoal


Seaford Community Cinema is literally reaching out to local people by helping to buy a 3m-long mackerel seat at the iconic The Shoal installation – Seaford’s Community Bench – on Splash Point Pier.

Come to the public unveiling on Bank Holiday Monday (1 May) by the Lord Lieutenant of East Sussex, Peter Field, and town mayor Lindsay Freeman, to look at our plaque attached to the back of the first of three interlinked galvanised stainless steel benches swimming through a silvery stream.

The picture, left to right, shows local sculptor Christian Funnell, landscape designer Gabby Tofts and Christian’s brother Guy fixing the artwork this week. The Shoal is the brainchild of Christian and Gabby.

[Photo credit : Chris Conil]

The fun on Monday begins at 12.30pm and includes music from Seaford Silver Band, a song specially composed to mark the event by local group the Pop Up Singers, and seafood.

In the words of the song: Let’s all meet at The Shoal!

You can read more about The Shoal on their website, or their Facebook page.


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