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Warren Dudley’s Film Premiere Comes to The Barn!

Imagine being imprisoned in a cage somewhere in America… Seaford-based director and writer Warren Dudley did just that and succeeded in making a movie that was filmed at Newhaven Fort. It stars Lucy-Jane Quinlan as a Seattle chat-line worker and features the voice of Patriot Games and Sleeping with the Enemy Irish actor, Patrick Bergin.
Book a ticket for Seaford Community Cinema’s exclusive showing of Cage on Friday 3 March at the Barn Theatre and you will get to see it before its launch on Amazon Prime a month later. Warren and Lucy-Jane will be attending the screening and will be answering questions put to them by the audience.
Cage is being shown to raise money for the theatre’s new kitchen and the £10 tickets include a free drink and canapés.
Warren (43), a Seaford-based former Tideway School pupil, used to work in the printing and web design industries. He was interested in film making for a long time, making a low budget WWII movie with local filmmaker Rick Roberts in 2002, and also filming TV pilots – so then took the plung into full-time directing and screenwriting two years ago.
His wife Kath is an Events Manager at Newhaven Fort so it made sense to shoot there, largely inside the atmospheric and large Romney Hut. He said: “The cage was in the middle and it was cold. Lucy, who is London-based, is massively talented. It took 2½ weeks to film working sequentially from nine to six every day, with Lucy having to look increasingly distressed.”
The scary soundtrack was written by Brighton composer Richey Rynkowski. The entire team totalled six. “On a feature film you would generally have at least 50,” said Warren, “We were all very busy. It was all designed to get a powerful film simply.”
In 2015 Warren wrote and directed the horror, The Cutting Room. Filmed in and around Seaford and Newhaven, it was premiered at the Barn Theatre and was sold in Tesco, HMV and many VOD networks. The film is currently averaging 45,000 views a month in the US.
This was followed up by the writing of 1970s’ football comedy The Bromley Boys, a coming of age football memoir played out to the sights and sounds of late 60’s/early 70s Britain. Starring Alan Davies and Martine McCutcheon, the film was shot last year and is due for cinema release in September. 
Tickets are available for Cage here, or at the Tourist Information Centre, or on the door.
Get an exciting sneak preview by watching the trailer here.

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